What are you doing to help your company in fighting the virus and getting cruising again?

We at Latitude 1 Maritime have put together information about what technologies that are available to assist cruise lines in defending against COVID-19. Please send a mail to [email protected] to get your copy.

The report covers all potential areas on cruise ships:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Medical Treatment Areas
  • Restaurants/Bars/Retail Areas
  • Embarkation Areas
  • Luggage/Loading Area Treatment
  • Passenger and Crew Cabins
  • Public Restrooms/Meeting Rooms/Libraries/Worship Areas
  • Galleys/Food Preparation Areas
  • Environmental Disposal Areas/Recycling Stations
  • Casinos
    Observe: Depending on the ship and the layout of the ship, each area as well as the equipment/configuration,
    assessment must be made to affect the best result.

Stay safe!