Roxtec training & certification

We proudly announce our company’s training with Roxtec International AB. 22 of our technicians and engineers have undergone theoretical & practical training to get diplomas from Roxtec. This ensures their expertise in the proper use of Roxtec’s solutions for marine cable and piping applications.

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Thailand Largest Marine and Offshore Exhibition (TMOX)

Thank you for visiting our booth at Thailand Maritime and Offshore Exhibition (TMOX), in Bangkok. It was interesting to meet some of the key players in the maritime business in Asia.


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COVID-19 Defending Technologies for Cruise Ships

What are you doing to help your company in fighting the virus and getting cruising again?

We at Latitude 1 Maritime have put together information about what technologies that are available to assist cruise lines in defending against COVID-19. Please send a mail to [email protected] to get your copy.

The report covers all potential areas on cruise ships:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Medical Treatment Areas
  • Restaurants/Bars/Retail Areas
  • Embarkation Areas
  • Luggage/Loading Area Treatment
  • Passenger and Crew Cabins
  • Public Restrooms/Meeting Rooms/Libraries/Worship Areas
  • Galleys/Food Preparation Areas
  • Environmental Disposal Areas/Recycling Stations
  • Casinos
    Observe: Depending on the ship and the layout of the ship, each area as well as the equipment/configuration,
    assessment must be made to affect the best result.

Stay safe!

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